Freedom is a simple idea, but rarely simple. Helping people create their music feeds the part of me that seeks out freedom; to create a natural, safe place for real music to happen is the true purpose behind StoneRidge.


Nathanael and Sam’s journey to develop StoneRidge began with their love for music and many years of playing, and has continued through their experience and skill in the technical aspects of recording music. They are keenly aware that a great recording begins with a great song, and a great performance starts with how the artist feels.


Nathanael Josiah Stone was born and raised in the tiny town of Summers, Arkansas. He is a 3rd generation musician coming from a line of creative artists including musicians, woodworkers, and oil painters.


A SPACE TO DO YOUR BEST WORK – Professional quality, flexibility, and creativity.

These are all things you’ll receive at our studio, as we’ve put the time and energy into building noise-isolated, acoustically rich rooms that can cater to a variety of needs. Whether you need guitar, drums, or stunning vocal tracks, we’ve got the set-up, the gear, and the experience.


Partnering with StoneRidge begins with finding out about you: what you’re trying to achieve, what your schedule and budget are like, what sounds you love, and what you want to create.


StoneRidge attracts artists who create the rootsy, natural sounds found in the Northwest Arkansas area, but Nathanael and Sam are equally comfortable in everything from classical music to hip hop, metal, and pop.
Once in the studio, you’ll have access to rooms and equipment that are carefully tailored for optimal sound recording. If serving the song and the artist is the heart of the creative process, then the gear and the rooms are the ears and the brain. High-end microphones, preamps, processors and digital recording equipment combine to present your music in the best possible light.
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We’re proud of the work we do, but we love being able to help musicians make the most of their art. You know what you’re able to invest in your music, and we know how to help you bring that vision to life.


We can do everything from a quick voice over, a solo project with session musicians, to full band producing, recording and mastering (and everything in between.) Seasoned pros and first-timers are pleasantly surprised at the value they get for their money with StoneRidge Recording.

Click the button below to get a quote, book an appointment or contact us. You can also email us on our contact page or give us a call at (479) 310-6893, we can talk through the details of your project and quickly give you a great quote.